THERMIva is non-surgical feminine rejuvenation. This is an exciting new technology using controlled radiofrequency to stimulate and activate the collagen in the vagina and within the vulva. In the past, options were simply limited to surgery. In some cases, traditional surgical vaginoplasty is still the best option. After having surgery however, many of these women maintain their newly rejuvenated vagina with periodic THERMIva treatments. Now unlike traditional vaginal rejuvenation surgery or vaginal tightening, THERMIva is a non-invasive, painless, office procedure that delivers dramatic results without the downsides. As women age, the appearance, functionality, and sensitivity of the vagina and labia deteriorate. Having vaginal deliveries, loss of hormones at menopause, and time itself often takes a toll on the health of the vagina, sexual function, and self-confidence. Many, if not all women, experience these issues as they age. It is extremely important to know that there are options to address these concerns. Women simply do not have to accept this as the normal aging process. Please note: Content represents the views of the author. Not all claims have been cleared by the FDA.

Benefits of THERMIva

  1. Reduce vaginal dryness
  2. Reduce vaginal laxity (looseness)
  3. Reduce urinary incontinence symptoms
  4. Improve sexual function and satisfaction
  5. Improve sensitivity and ability to achieve an orgasm
  6. Reduce sagginess of the labia
  7. Enhance the aesthetic appearance of the labia and vaginal opening

Are you a candidate for THERMIva?

  1. Do you leak urine with sneezing, exercising/exertion, or laughing?
  2. Do you remember your orgasms being more fulfilling, coming quicker, or coming more often?
  3. Do you require lubrication to comfortably enjoy intercourse?
  4. Do you feel as if there is not enough friction between you and your partner during sex?
  5. Do you worry about the dreaded “camel toe” if you are wearing tight-fitting clothing?
  6. Do you feel as if your labia are loose and sagging?

Urinary Incontinence

Women suffer from bladder leakage all the time. Urinary incontinence is simply the involuntary loss of urine. Women often leak when they sneeze, cough, and/or jump. In fact, it is quite likely that you or someone close to you is quietly coping with this potentially embarrassing problem. THERMIva is a non-surgical, painless way to correct this problem. THERMIva successfully reduces urinary leakage and urges. With successful treatment, women are often able to avoid bladder surgery and/or sling insertion.

Vaginal Dryness

During and around menopause, the body no longer produces an adequate amount of estrogen. As a result, vaginal secretions plummet. After three simple THERMIva treatments, women can significantly increase the amount of lubrication produced thus making intercourse more pleasurable. In the clinical trials for THERMIva, perimenopausal and menopausal patients who complained of vaginal dryness prior to treatments were able to eliminate the need for lubricants and vaginal estrogens.

Vaginal Appearance Issues

Laxity of the vagina and sagginess of the labia are due to a multitude of factors but inevitably show a natural progression. Radiofrequency treatments like THERMIva are used to tighten skin. Results are sometimes seen at the completion of the very first treatment. THERMIva’s clinical trials found that some of the tightening was visible immediately after the first treatment, but the greatest benefits took a few months to manifest.

Orgasm Improvement

Only 40% of women reach orgasm most of the time. Thirty-three to fifty percent of women experience orgasms “infrequently” and are dissatisfied with how often they reach orgasm. As women age, the ability to achieve orgasm or obtain multiple orgasms diminishes. This is at least partly due to excessive vaginal relaxation thus diminishing sensation and sexual satisfaction. THERMIva has been clinically proven to increase the ease and frequency of a woman to orgasm by stimulating collagen formation and tightening tissues.

Vaginal Tightening

THERMIva promotes collagen remodeling thus tightening the vulvovaginal tissues. It can treat both vaginal laxity and vulvar/labial laxity. When treating the vagina, THERMIva will tighten the opening and the vaginal wall. This in return, makes intercourse more pleasurable for both partners. When treating the labia, THERMIva will tighten the labial tissues reducing sag and “camel toes.” It results in softer, smoother skin. By tightening the labia, women may be more comfortable and less self conscious in tight clothing such as yoga pants, leotards, and bikinis.

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