There are several options for aesthetic vaginal surgery. Understanding the differences between labia majoraplasty, labia minoraplasty and clitoral hood reduction can better ensure you achieve your desired results.

 What Is Difference?

The main difference in labia majoraplasty, labia minoraplasty and  clitoral hood reduction is the area of your genitalia the gynecologic surgeon is treating:

  • Labia majora refers to the large fleshy, hair-covered outer lips of the vagina.
  • Labia minora are the smooth, more sensitive inner lips of the vagina.
  • Clitoral Hood is the term used to describe excess folds of tissue that cover the clitoris.

Many times, women elect to have any combination, or all of these procedures, performed at the same time.

 Labia Majoraplasty

If you are unhappy with the size and shape of your labia majora, or outer vaginal lips, your gynecologic surgeon can perform a labia majoraplasty to remove excess skin and underlying tissue in order to reduce and reshape the labia majora. Performed as an outpatient procedure, the surgery will take approximately an hour.

 Labia Minoraplasty

Long labia minora can be uncomfortable, or even painful. In some cases, skin conditions can cause irritation and tearing. Labia minoraplasty is an elective procedure that can correct large or asymmetrical labia minora by reducing the size and reshaping the inner vaginal lips. Using local anesthesia, your gynecologic surgeon will remove the extra tissue and provide you with a smaller, more symmetrical look.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

The clitoris and tissues that make up the clitoral hood are very sensitive areas. Typically, clitoral hood reduction is performed in conjunction with labia majoraplasty and labia minoraplasty to maximize aesthetic results and provide you with an overall balanced appearance. Since clitoral hood reduction is usually performed as a secondary procedure, recovery and other factors are primarily linked to the labiaplasty.

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