Labiaplasty is the re-sculpting of your inner and outer vaginal lips. Dr. Nathan T. Thomas offers a sutureless labia minoraplasty to reduce and reshape your inner vaginal lips, or labia minora, with less healing time required.

Why Elect for Labia Minoraplasty

In some women, the labia minora may appear unsymmetrical or longer than desired. Large labia minora can create a bulky appearance in tight clothing or swimming suits. It can also result in lower confidence and self-esteem during sexual intercourse. At times, abnormally large labia minora may cause discomfort from irritation and dryness.

What is Sutureless Labia Minoraplasty

The sutureless minoraplasty procedure has been perfected over the last decade and provides a safe solution for women. Your gynecologic surgeon uses a radiosurgical device to reshape the labial lips, removing as much or as little tissue as you desire. The radiofrequency enables your gynecologic surgeon to be precise and control bleeding, while leaving smooth and natural-looking edges. The procedure can be performed in the office with local anesthesia.

Benefits of Sutureless Labiaplasty

Since the procedure does not require sutures, you may resume most normal activities following your labia minoraplasty without worrying about reopening the incision area. For example, you will be able to walk, bathe or shower and wear normal loose clothing. Since there is no risk of breaking or tearing sutures, you are able to fly to our office for the procedure and return home the same or next day.

While recovery time is greatly improved, you should still refrain from sexual intercourse and certain exercises, such as cycling, for a few weeks while the area heals.

In addition to improved recovery time- sutureless labia minoraplasty is a scar-free procedure that offers smoother edges than labiaplasty with a scalpel. Dr. Thomas can discuss any questions you have regarding recovery and sutureless labia minoraplasty