Women’s Health Goes Digital

With just a quick search in the App Store, you can find an app for just about anything imaginable. So, whether you’re tracking your period, trying for a baby or preventing pregnancy- there’s an app for you.

Tracking Flo

When it comes to your period, information is key. Changes in your menstrual cycle can be an early indicator that something is up- including hormone or thyroid changes and times of extreme stress. Your OBGYN uses your monthly cycle data as an important clue to your health, and apps- like Clue and Aunt Flo– help you track and share anything and everything having to do with your period.

These apps go beyond x-ing the dates on your calendar. You can monitor PMS symptoms, mood swings and the heaviness of your flow. These period tracking apps even warn your significant other when Aunt Flo arrives- just in case they need to arm themselves with a box of chocolate.

The Baby-maker

If you’re more interested in tracking your fertility than your period- there’s an app for that, too. Revolutionary app, Ava, uses a wristband to track multiple fertility data points while you sleep. Just sync with your app the next morning to gain insight into your fertility and detect your fertile windows. Another fertility tracking option is GlowConnect with your partner on this app to share the fertility journey together and track male fertility indicators along with yours.

On the Pill

Remembering to take your birth control pill seems like a simple task, but it’s easy to slip. Birth control is most effective when you take it at the same time everyday. myPill sends you daily reminders and allows you to snooze your reminder for later. It can predict how protected you are based on your pill history. myPill’s tracking ability can remind you to pick up a new pack, alert you when you’re due for your annual exam and even help you plan vacations and events around your period.

If you prefer a more natural contraception option, Natural Cycles tracks your menstrual cycle and warns you when not to have sex. The app uses basal body temperature and cycle tracking to alert your to “red” days when you should skip intercourse. Natural Cycles boasts a 93% effectiveness rate and complements natural family planning to increase its effectiveness.

Benefits of using an app

While no app replaces a conversation with your OBGYN, using a women’s health app can improve your conversation with your doctor. Call our office to learn how these apps can help you learn more about your body.